Niko Romito 's roman restaurant is multifaceted

Niko Romito, un linguaggio gastronomico innovativo, fortemente identitario e molto incisivo


In Piazza Verdi, between the Pinciano and Parioli, in Rome SPAZIO BAR E CUCINA is a tasteful corner open from morning to evening with a wide and varied gastronomic offer.

Flexible and constantly evolving format, SPAZIO changes shape throughout the day: classic Italian bar for breakfast in the morning, restaurant for lunch, welcoming tea room for snacks and afternoon breaks, dynamic cocktail bar for an aperitif, elegant restaurant in the evening, but also a convenient grocery store.

The centerpiece of the venue is the restaurant and its contemporary cuisine based on traditional Italian recipes presented in a new way. A kitchen that completely rethinks the dining experience, offering shared dishes, a menu of plates, fried chicken, and stuffed bombs.

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